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    Iconoclast;414259]Almost a High School student? I am going to college next fall; rash assumptions shouldn't be made. I think I know everything -- ouch, a cliche assumption. What I do know, are my rights. I know the relevant court cases involving what rights, and the restrictions on those rights I have in school. It's a tragedy when there is no logic in law.
    sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't. This one has some common sense in it though. Yes, the mortarboards can cause injury whether you want to acknowledge it or not. To prove your point, take square piece of cardboard about the size of a mortarboard. Have a friend stand about 10 feet away from you and throw it hard Frisbee style into your eye. Keep it up until you catch an actual corner in your eye.

    Then come on back and tell us it cannot injure you.

    Fallacious Argument: False Analogy. Comparing throwing a cap into the air, a harmless object, to bullets is nonsensical.
    and so was your argument about stationary stairs, brick walls, and what ever else you brought to the table.

    Secondly, the property is publicly owned by the taxpayer. The reason I don't go around throwing glasses, chemicals, and notebooks is because their is no justification of such actions; their is no motive. Throwing your cap is a long held tradition and thusly is applicable under freedom of expression.
    gee, I'm sorry but I believe there is a long held tradition of throwing spit wads but alas, a school can still treat it as an infraction of the rules.

    Staplers should be banned. The teachers have no right to put other students in harm by having a stapler on their desk, of which, can injure a student if he/she staples them self.
    Throwing them is banned. Using them as intended is considered to be a safe practice. Mortarboards are safe when used as designed; a head covering. Just as with a stapler, it's when you use it in contrast to it's design it becomes a problem.

    rather than arguing the losing point of having the right to toss your hats about, what you need to address is the proposed punishment. I have no problem with the rule about not throwing them and would fully expect that rule to be ignored somewhere. The problem then is: can the school withhold your diploma as a punishment?

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    Default Re: Rule Against Throwing Graduation Caps

    There is a great amount of statute and case law against any action that you commit that could hurt another.

    The legal precedent is expressed as "your legal right to swing your arm ends the moment your hand comes in contact with my nose".

    You are demanding the right to endanger your classmates. Even if the chances are remote, you do not have the right to do so.

    As you mature, you will learn that your desire to do something is not a compelling reason to endanger others or yourself.

    Once upon a time, weddings were celebrated by firing guns into the air. This tradition was also stopped when it was realized that the bullets had to come down somewhere.

    For what it is worth, I have not seen this tradition of yours observed except in bad movies since my own graduation... some 25 years ago. And we didn't do it then... or at my college graduation.

    Let's look at this another way. You are a smart kid. Can you tell me when the last time this time honored tradition of yours was actually in practice in a high school setting?

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