I purchased a home/private gravel road in 1998. The home was originally was on a large tract of land, that was subdivided over the years into 6 other lots. The owners of my home, kept the road private, kept ownership of the road and gave rights of ingress and egress to some, not all of the other property owners.

For years the local parish government took care of the road, i.e. grading the road, adding additional fill, etc.. In 2000, the parish quit taking care of the road and the road has fallen into disrepair. I have on several occasions paid to have the road graded. However, I cannot keep doing it without financial assistance from the other home owners. I have had many problems with the other home owners due to their complaints about the condition of the road, yet they use the road more than I do. They speed, throw trash on the street and use the street as their playground for their toys and their kids.

I have asked each homeowner in the past to contribute financially to help maintain the road, they all refuse. I have asked the parish to take the street as a donation, they refuse because the road is not wide enough. I have asked each homeowner if they wanted to purchase the part of the street that fronts their home and they would be responsible for that portion, they refuse.

I pay on this private road each and every month in my mortgage and yearly as part of my local taxes.

What are my rights? Can I stop all activities on the street, except for ingress and egress? Can I stop people from parking or speeding or playing in the street. How can I make them pay or get them to contribute for maintenance. Additionally, this street is a dead-end, the other land owners cannot access their property any other way.