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    Unhappy Lied on a Police Report

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Arizona

    What would be the consequences be for me lying in a police report? A couple months ago I got into a physical incident with an individual, I filed charges but I said she punched me when she had only pulled me by the hair and got minor scratches . She got charged with assult physical injury, and disorderly conduct. I'm trying to come Clean but I'm afraid of what I'm facing as far as lying in a report, all I wanted to do is for her not to do this again since has fought another person several times before. its far more serious than I thought. I feel so bad of what's going to happen to her I'm just not cooperating with the police for ex not showing up to court to testify against her what would be the best thing to do????... I don't want to go through with all this anymore

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    It's doubtful that her charges would change, as you say she did assault you (pulled your hair) and injure you (scratched you up).

    You could be charged with filing a false police report, and would face fines.
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