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    Default Property Manager changed Resident Manager contract, forged signature, then fired me

    I feel I have been wrongfully terminated from my Resident Manager position. I have a couple of questions if I may.

    Firstly, what makes a contract a contract? I have been told that I don't have a contract. What I do have is a piece of company letterheaded paper which lists the resident manager / maintenance responsibilities, lists the monthly wage and benefits agreed on, and it is signed and dated by me ONLY. Is this a contract? If not, why not?

    If it isn't (and I therefor have no contract), I am of the understanding that I can be fired without warning and without reason. Is this correct?

    Upon termination I have been presented with what is supposed to be a photocopy of the original job description / contract. On this copy, changes have been made, and my signature forged (wrongly spelt name). The paragraph which details my agreed wage and benefits has been omitted. Also, two new papragraphs have been added which state that "I agree to vacate the premises if maintenance services are no longer needed" and "If Manager services are no longer needed, I agree to vacate my apartment within 3 days of my release".

    If I don't have a contract (and can therefor be fired for no reason at any time) I don't see why she would have gone to the trouble to change the document and forge my signature.

    The rental agreement that I have supposedly signed also has a forged copy of my signature on it though I can find nothing in the details of it which differ from the original.

    I'm sure you can gather from just this how underhanded and unprofessional my former boss. There are a whole host of other minor complaints about her such as stealing from the company, and not reimbursing me for items I purchased on behalf of the company. This was infact the final straw. She came to my door one night when only my husband was here, stating that she wouldn't reimburse me for this or that. My husband said that is fine, but she should know that he will discourage me from making any more purchases on behalf of the company because we are losing money (because she is loing the receipts). She has a Home Depot card which when used, phones her for authorization of the purchase and could give me this (as in my origianl job description but for reasons unknown she never did). That night my husband also said that in the future, she needs to phone ahead of time to ensure that I am here to meet her - afterall, I am her employee, not my husband. She agreed and said this was fine, although it was clear that she didn't like being put in her place by my husband. I heard barely anything from her in the 2 or 3 weeks that followed, and the next thing I know she is on my doorstep demanding all keys and company property, with the reason that things are just not working out. She claims that apartments have not been made rent ready in the 5 days stipulated that I must have them ready by, in my job description. The only time apartments have taken longer than 5 days is when I have been waiting on tools, supplies or assistance from the boss.

    I feel I have lost my job (and possibly even my home) because she didn't like my husband telling her how it is, and as such has fired me with retaliation and is trying to mask this with unfounded complaints about me.

    The apartments look better than they ever have. The residents are all happy and we have never recieved any kind of complaint. I have lived up to the responsibilities in my job description.

    Also, the wage I have recieved has been paid to me under the table.

    I don't know where to turn.

    If anyone can comment on what doesn't seem right in all this lot, and perhaps what we can do about it, I am eager to hear from you.

    Thanks for reading

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    Default Re: Property Manager changed Resident Manager contract, forged signature, then fired me

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