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    Default How Long After MMI Will Workers Comp Insurance Settle

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: ny

    i had a slip and fall while strapping down my load on my truck and trailer, i slipped on ice at the company were i was loading, that was jan 09 and just had surgery feb 1st of 2010.i still have tremendous back pain in my lower back they fused it from my s1 to L3 the good news is that i dont have the shooting pain down my legs but the back pain is still there. and the insurance comp. wants to have me and IME next month and my surgen told me the it would be at least a 9 month recovery. i know i wont be able to go back driving trucks because i cant sit very long or stand. the questions i have is dose the insurance company have to school me to do something else? is it to early to have a IME just after this type of surgery? how long after i meet my MMI dose the insurance companies usally settle with you? i can use all the help i can get thanks

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    Default Re: How Long After MMI Will Workers Comp Insurance Settle

    The insurance company can request an IME when they believe it is appropriate to do so.

    You are free to try to initiate settlement at any time; but you'll want to have a good sense of your future medical needs and what you might be giving up if you settle your case.

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