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    Default Can the Police Hold My Car

    My question involves search and seizure law in the State of: Pennsylvania

    My nephew was stopped by the police in my car registered to me only. The reason they initially stopped him is still very unclear even to us. when he was stopped he had a warrant for a parole violation outstanding and they say he smelled of alcohol. To try and make this short, he was charged with a dui along with a slew of traffic charges. A half hour after he was at the police station they recieved a call about a burglary of a store that was near where they stopped him. Of course they are trying to pin the burglary on him. It's been almost three moths now and he still has not been charged with anything but the above traffic offenses. I have spoken with the detective who is working the burglary case several times because he is "holding my car until his investigation is complete". Is this legal? If not then who should I contact? I've spoken to his chief but I believe they are stonewalling me.

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    Default Re: Can the Police Hold My Car

    Obviously we have even less information than you do about any possible crimes or investigations. I suggest consulting a local criminal defense lawyer. You can try contacting the prosecutor's office but I'm skeptical that they will talk to you and they may not even know anything about what the police department is doing in this specific case.

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    Default Re: Can the Police Hold My Car

    Yes. The police can hold your car as evidence no matter who owns it, who its registered to, or even if the car had nothing to do with anything. Basically the police can take anything as evidence and hold it as long as the case is ongoing. Thats the wonderful land of liberty we live in.

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