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    Thumbs down Firing My Defense Attorney a Legal Reason to Be Threatened with Jail

    I never filed a formal motion to be reassigned another and hopefully better public defender, but the county court is claiming I did, and I received a letter through regular mail today stating that I must show up in court 4/30 to address this motion or a warrant will be issued for my arrest.

    I think it's legal and constitutional to represent oneself and not to retain an attorney?

    How can the court and judge lie and say I filed a motion about this and threaten me with jail if I don't appear? This is a very backward, southern-justice town I've unfortunately landed in, and I'm just curious.

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    Default Re: Firing My Defense Attorney a Legal Reason to Be Threatened with Jail

    well, since you claim you did not file what they say you did, the simplest answer would be to show up in court and find out what is going on.

    and yes, you can generally represent yourself IF the court believes you are capable of representing yourself. A court is allowed to protect you from yourself. It helps prevent you trying to argue you were not provided proper counsel at a later date.

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    Default Re: Firing My Defense Attorney a Legal Reason to Be Threatened with Jail

    Nobody should represent themselves in a criminal trial. Stupid. Even if you were an attorney, still a really bad idea. A tremendously stupid idea all around.

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