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    My 5yr son broke his arm last year and had to have surgery. His father and I are not married but live together I cover the insurance for myself and my son. At the hospital I filled out the insurance form stating I am the insurance provider and that it is me and my son on the insurance. I stated that I am the responsible paying party. I listed his dad's info on the "father" section but did not state he was responsible.

    The bills came in my name origionally but 1 has now gone to collections but the bill collecter is coming after my boyfriend (my son's father) and not me. Can a bill collecter come after him if my son is covered by my insurance and if I did not list him as a responsible party?

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    Possibly. In many states, under the doctrine of necessities, a parent will be liable for necessary medical care received by a minor child even if they didn't sign a contract. As you chose not to follow the instruction to identify your state, I can't say more than that.

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    I'm in Missouri.

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    IN SHORT: we live in Missouri, we are not married and do not have any custody agreements or orders. Child's insurance is in my name and I signed the hospital paperwork with me as the insurer and responsible party for the bills. All I did was list the father's name under the who is the father section. With this said, can a hospital decide to go after the father for unpaid medical expenses?

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