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    Default Can a College Student Who Can't Find Work Collect Unemployment During the Summer

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: CA

    I am 22, a student in a college, and have been working part time and full time on and off since I was 16.

    Every Summer, I work in order to pay my cost of living expenses (food, rent, clothes, gas, medication, etc). Previously, I have worked as a waitress, lab tech, call center worker, or in retail. Due to the economy, I have sent out resume after resume and have been unable to obtain a job anywhere. I honestly predict that I will go unemployed this summer (June-late Sept).

    After looking over theís website, it appears that I could file for umemployment with the state of CA. Has anybody done this? I technically qualify (I think) but I know of a girl who is a college student has done this however Iím not in contact w/ her anymore.

    Wonít unemployment think itís weird that I made only a small income working <10 hours/week from October of 2009 to now?

    According to CA laws, they look at your highest quarterly earnings pulled from the past 12 months. My highest was 8,000 I made from the July/August/September of last year as a temporary lab tech. However this year I didnít get the position as they want sophomores instead of juniors and seniors like me (I graduate next year)

    They usually deny people in a degree seeking institution however, not if itís in a vocational institution where job entry is the goal, and a degree is not the goal. I am in a BSN nursing program. A degree is needed (bsn or associates) to take the Nursing Exam Boards in CA and get your nursing license. So, I could qualify as vocational and non-vocational?

    Could I also get unemployment if I take classes Mon Tu Wens Thur and I would otherwise work Friday sat sun?

    I know that I probably will just get the minimum for EDD (40 dollars/week) but anything will help. I have medical problems and need to pay the co-payment for doctors, as well as the gas to get there. I have a small savings but that is going to dry up soon! My parents refuse to co-sign for loans or help me out at all (Iím estranged from my father) Im really worried about how Iím going to get through this summerÖ.

    I would call and ask EDD but after listening to a phone tree for 45 min on two occasions, and finally getting through the third time and the lady just shooting me question and then denying me informally (I didnít file a claim yet) telling me to refer to the website ( I have already! ). I know that I was denied b/c I said something wrong and that I really do qualify. (for example, if you say ďim taking classes right nowĒ they will deny you, but if you say ďIím taking classes right now but they are all onlineĒ they wonít deny you b/c taking online classes doesnít interfere with your ability to find work and have time for work. (But of course, the EDD lady would never tell me any insider info like that)

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    Exclamation Re: Unable to Find Work Coll Egestudent Collecting EDD Unemployment During the Summer

    The problem you have in collecting unemployment insurance is in your claim itself - separate from attending school.
    The first hurdle that you need to jump is determining why you are presently unemployed. Did your very last employer fire you or did you quit?
    If you quit then you are not eligible for UI.
    If you were fired then we can talk...

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    Default Re: Can a College Student Who Can't Find Work Collect Unemployment During the Summer


    However, the first problem is whether, by working part-time, you would even have enough wages and weeks worked to qualify. If you don't, why you aren't working now would be irrelevant.

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