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    Angry College Tuition Debt

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: TN
    I attended a local college in TN which i signed up for 3 semesters. I was granted student loans to pay for my tuition. I attended for only 6 weeks and left due to unforseen circumstances. I then was notified by the college that i owed 3000 for the semester. The letter stated that my student loans paid for the time i attended but that the tuition expense for the remainder of the semester was sent back to the student loan company and therefore i owe the full tuition amount for the entire semester. My question is: How can i be responsible for the entire semesters tuition if the student loans paid for the time i was there. The college isnt out any money at all.The time i didnt attend, that money was refunded back to the student loan company. but thee college is saying since i stayed for over half the semester, i owe the full entire semesters tuition. Can they do this?

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    You should have taken a composition class before dropping out.

    I would expect that you owe your student loan lender the amount you borrowed from the student loan company, and that you owe the school the amount above the portion of the loan that was applied to your tuition and the total tuition bill, plus any applicable late fees and penalties.

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