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    Default Sherman Act

    A certain product represents 6O% or more of my business.
    I purchase such product from a Manufacturers Representative located in my same State.

    They are the sole source of Supply ., due to the exclusive arrangement with the Manufacturer

    I have found , due to a down turn in business, that they are soliciting my Customers directly, quoting me a higher price so that I am not competitive when I bid on jobs

    Public Funds are involved

    I have found little in way of case law on Lexis and Findlaw

    Any advice ..??

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    Default Re: Sherman Act

    Is it that you believe a manufacturer can't sell goods at prices that are competitive with those same goods as sold by retailers? Or is it that you believe a manufacturer has to give you such a large discount on goods that you can undersell the manufacturer while still making what you believe to be a sufficient profit? Why, for example, do you believe the manufacturer can't just say, "Sorry, we're going to take all of our retail sales in house" and entirely stop selling its product to you?

    What "public funds" are involved?

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