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    We've a logo and company name on use on letterheads, business cards, and signs. It isn't trademarked yet, however, I heard that if we are already using these as a trademark that it is cheaper. So far, we have not done business outside of the state of Texas, but we have mailed information etc across the state, does this reduce the trademarking price?

    Say if we use the logo on a pamphlet with the title of our company, do we have to trade mark the logo alone, title alone, and together? Or does trademarking the one image count for both the title & logo?

    Also, what is the price to get a trademark with "intent to use" plus the extra fees?

    Can I get a referral to a trademark attorney who will answer my additional questions?

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    You have to be using a mark in trade to get a trademark. Before that, you can only register intent to use.

    If you're talking federal trademarks, fees are described here.

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