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    Default Florida Car Repossession Laws

    My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Florida

    on Monday morning at 2 am my van was re-poed, The reason it was repoed was because i had lapsed on my insurance, Im paycheck to paycheck right now and sometimes just have to grin and bear it but my beef is not why it happened its what happened afterwards,,,,

    The repo man had a key to the van, and just literaly drove it away, i dont know anything about reposessions , i hear anything goes but does anyone know if this is legal? Im assuming he drove it to a tow truck near by,,,,

    My issue is the fact that im getting a really hard time from him on getting my stuff back, I got his number from the finance company and at first he was fairly rude, telling me he will charge me $100 and i have to meet him somewhere,,,i verified this is legal witht the police department, So i call him this morning and he says call him back at 2pm to set up an apointment to get my stuff back, So i call him at 2 and he informs me that if i had called earlier that i could have met him prior to 2 pm, I told him i did call him earlier and he says well now you have to call me at 7pm and see what im doing, so i call him at 7pm he says hes running a little late and i should meet him at 7:30 in the next town ( which is only about 10 miles away), By 7:30 hes a no show so i call him, no answer, so i call him from another number and he answers and says well im really busy it will be an hour or so before i show up, Well i have my son with me and he needs to be in bed soon and the guy says ok ill bring it to your house by 9, well now its almost 11, hes a no show and not answering his phone,,,,,,,,,,,,,i HAVE to get my stuff out, I have papers from work that were supposed to be there by this morning and now i have my job on the line, This isnt about not paying my bills and being mad at someone else for my mistakes,,,i accept the fact that this is my problem but i should have a right to get my stuff back. ,even though i cant afford it im more than willing to pay this guy to get all that back, my cell phone cord, paperwork, my Id and bank card are in the car, i told this guy i was willing to meet him anywhere and anytime to pay him because i need this and hes jerking me around,,,,,so now i have to be jerked around to PAY him for my stuff and i have nowhere to turn,,,,,in the eyes of most im just a loser that had her car taken back ( at least thats how i feel) anyway im just frustrated, ive already made a payment plan witht he finance company to go into affect after the car is auctioned off, why cant this guy work with me??

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    Default Re: Florida Car Repossession Laws

    Is it legal for a repo service to get a key and drive away a vehicle it is repossessing? Yes. Why wouldn't it be?

    I don't know why the guy is being difficult; perhaps he has a busy schedule.

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