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    Default Amending a Birth Certificate in Nv

    My question involves amending birth certificates in the State of: Nevada.

    Could someone please tell me what I need to do to get a first name on my birth certificate and to leave my biological father's name blank? It's my understanding the courts recognize the man my birth mother was married to at the time of my conception as my biological father. I have a sophisticated blood test to prove he is not my father. I would prefer to leave the father unknown if at all possible. Thank you for any suggestions.

    *I don't believe that it would make any difference that there is no name on my birth certificate resulting from an incomplete adoption (it appears illegal) for me at birth where my original birth certificate was never sealed and replaced with an amended one.

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    Default Re: Amending a Birth Certificate in Nv

    The courts recognize your Mom's husband as legal Dad. You cannot remove him from the birth certificate without the court's intervention (a court-ordered DNA test showing that Someone Else is your actual father). Or, alternatively, having someone else adopt you as an adult.

    Because of the adoption matter though it would be best if you speak with a local attorney.

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