New Jersey.

My ex was the original tenant in our apartment and paid the original deposit fee. I moved in seven years ago and immediately had my name added to the lease but I never contributed or don't recall contributing to the security deposit and the landlord never asked for it or any additional monies. It is a year to year lease and the apartment is rent controlled. We have a joint checking account for all household expenses and pay everything 50 -50.

My ex now decided she wants to end the relationship and is threatening to throw me out. We are both curently unemployed although we can still afford this apartment both jointly and separately.

Can she have me evicted because she was the original tenant and paid the original security deposit more than ten years ago? That security deposit was paid to the previous landlord, the property has been under new ownership for the past 4 - 5 yrs. There is no language on the lease that refers to her as the "master tenant."

Do I have any protection under the law to remain in this apartment until such time as I can afford to move out?

Thanks for any advice