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    Default Upcoming Interview Date After Forgetting to Send the Checklist

    I filed the petition in Jerusalem, Israel 20th of November 2009 and have waited until now. They said I forgot to send the checklist which I have done so speedily after they told me I need to send it in. I sent it march 31st 2010. I have waited all this time and am concerned that because of me forgetting to send in the checklist it will be as if I need to wait all over again for the greencard interview for my wife. We have been married for 2 and a half years and had a child together just recently..

    So the question is do we need to wait another couple of months will it be reset or will the waiting time for the interview proceed as if I filed the petition in November of 09?

    I am an only child and my parents really need me to be there for them in the USA so I need to get there asap WITH my wife and child. Can anyone help me please? I have sent aan email to the consulate and they NEVER give me a straight answer as to if th wait period for the interview will be reset or resume.
    Also in the event that I may need to wait all over again another 6 months can I get permission for my wife to fly with me now and for us to continue the process there it's crucial that I'm there by June for family and work matters. Please if you can help let me know.
    Thank you very much.

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    Default Re: Upcoming Interview Date After Forgetting to Send the Checklist

    If the interview has not been rescheduled, it should proceed as scheduled.

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