My question involves real estate located in the State of: New York

Hi everyone.

I am in the process of buying the house in Upstate New York where I am already living as a renter. The sale is all going through according to plan, contracts signed, closing next month. My question: in addition to the main property, I am purchasing (from the same people) a field adjoining the main property, for $6k cash. The plan calls for a combination of a downpayment, + rollover of my rental deposit, + a final payment. My lawyer (on the main deal) told me that she did not foresee the necessity for hiring her again on this side deal. she just advised me to get as much as possible in writing (of course). i had assumed that i would be able to purchase some NoloPress documents (or such like) but I'm having trouble figuring out what docs i should get. the lawyer did say that if i did want her to do it, it would be less than $100, so I may just go that way and be done with it, but i wondered if anyone here could give me any ideas?