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    Default Unemployment Overpayment, Can I Settle

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: California.

    I was overpaid on my unempoyment seven years ago. A couple of years ago a tax lien was filed. In case it matters, for the past 6 years I lived in China and was unaware of the overpayment.

    The owed amount is more than twice as much as the overpayment.

    So my question is: Is it possible to settle with them for the original amount or something less than the current amount?

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    Default Re: Unemployment Overpayment, Can I Settle

    Nothing says you can't try to settle. I can't promise that they'll have any interest in settlement.

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    Default Re: Unemployment Overpayment, Can I Settle

    Quote Quoting workplace absenteeism
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    I think that this would be much like credit card companies.
    LMAOOOO..... you do realize this is the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. The government... a broke one at that.

    I can almost guarantee you they won't settle... and they'll eventually get ALL of their money, plus interest.
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