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    Default First DUI in Oregon


    2 weeks ago, I recently got pulled over for speeding and DUI by an Oregon State Police officer (not local police). He cited me for both and took me to a near by police station. I did the breathilizer test there and had a BAC of .13.

    I have some questions:

    I plan on pleading guilty as it was my fault and will own up to it. Since this is my first offense on the DUI, will my public attorney help me get into a Alcohol Diversion program when I go to court?

    How much will this DUI cost me including court fees, classes, and etc?

    I called the OSP office and they told me they have no record of the DUI ticket but see the speeding ticket. Is there a chance that the DA will not pursue it (possible dismissal) or does it take additional time for the ticket to show up since its a criminal offense? My court date is in 2 weeks.

    Thanks for reading and any advice is appreciated. I have definitely learned my lesson.

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    Default Re: First DUI in Oregon

    The best person to estimate your total costs for your disposition in the court in which you're charged is your lawyer.

    A criminal charge is processed differently than a civil infraction, so odds are the DUI charge is being reviewed by a prosecutor.

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