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    Default Toyota Financial Repo in Texas

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Texas

    I have had my Toyota Sequoia for 3 years, my husband with out my knowledge fell 3 months behind on Thursday night they repoed the car. I understand it is all my husbands fault, but my question is when I called Friday and spoke to the redemption Department they told me to Fax them a letter and include my medical bills" I had 2 surgeries in December, which is why this whole mess started in the first place". They said the legal department would review and then tell me what fees I would have to pay "repo charges, towing fees, past due payments and maybe some future payments. The man said to call back Monday and they would tell me the price. When I called Monday they said that the manager put for redemption only and that I would need to pay the remaining balance of $20,143.24. They then told me if this had happen a year ago I would have been able to get my car back by paying the fees, but since I have been paying for the last 3 years they have received around 20,000 from me and my car still values at 21,000 it's in their best interest not to resume my loan, because they will make more by selling it! I have been able to come up with the past due and about 4 months of future payments, Can they demand I pay the whole loan off with out giving me a reasonable amount to get my car back... Any help would be great I have 3 small children and need this car!


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    Default Re: Toyota Financial Repo in Texas

    I am not aware of any law that requires a Texas lender to reinstate a loan after default.

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