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    Default The Same Thing Happened to me

    The same thing happened to me in October of 2004. I was rear ended on the expressway and I was going approx. 10 mph because it was stop go traffice and the ppl who rearended me were going at least 55-65 mph...They stopped and then took off, their car stalled a mile up the road. The cops never really did anything except mailed them a letter...I dont get that but they may have been illegal immigrants, not sure but they only spoke spanish so I knew what they were saying at least. But before they hit me I seen it in my rearview mirror that they were going to hit me so I turned my by back to look to see if I was going to have time to swereve in the median and of course I didnt...I really have messed my back up I have MAJOR pain for a while now...Of course I did end up paying for some things and lost money, I feel your pain I DIDNT do anything wrong and I pay a monthly fee to have insurence its flipping ridicolous and it pisses me off...But Im going to the chiropractor now, my health insurence doesnt cover it for sure its HMO HAP, but AAA says they will look into it but my case is old only 1 1/2 dont you have 7 years to claim in Michigan? I thought at least, and please going to the chiro involves alot of commitment in going 3 times a week, I havent had time...Right now my mum has paid everything and we are waiting for AAA to re-imburst us but im leary and I hope they do, if they dont is their anything I can do to fight it? Alls I want is not to be in pain anymore...

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