I'm done with distributing the estate I was administering. It was just one bank account that got divided into 3 equal pieces. It took a couple of months from the moment I became the administrator to filing signed Bond Releases with the court. No income, no taxes and no fees - I didn't bother since the beneficiaries are myself, my mom and her sister and the expenses were negligible.
My bonding company insists on receiving one piece of paper from the court stating that the estate is closed and the court claims that there is no such thing, I should send them copies of filed bond releases and based on that they should release me from the bond. They also suggested filing an informal accounting second guessing the bonding company.

Could someone please post an example of that? Is it just a letter stating that "in the matter of...." this and that happened? I'm not quite sure what to put in there and how to compose it properly in a situation described above.