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    Default Enforcing My Father's Will After Several Decades

    My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Hawaii

    Thanks in advance for any help I receive here.
    I have learned that my father left a will and intended to leave all his children houses when he died. I am my fathers first child and I had court documents showing that he sued my mother for paternity. I have been told by an aunt that this will had left a house to "his first born child". I have also been told that his wife hid information about me so her first born would get the house.
    Thing is my dad died in December 1978. I didn't find this out he died until 1991 and am just finding out about the will.
    Can I contest the will now?

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    Default Re: Enforcing My Father's Will After Several Decades

    You've been sitting on your hands for almost twenty years, for an estate that's more than thirty years old. It's highly unlikely that you have any remaining remedies. If you wish to explore questions of how the estate was probated and whether you might have any chance of relief, I suggest hiring a probate lawyer to dig up and review the probate file from your father's estate.

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