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    Default child abused friend need help

    My best friend is being beaten at home.By her aunt,adult male cousin and the aunt's boyfriend.Last night the aunts boyfriend hit her again and she feared for her life and cried with us on the phone all night.We convinced her to tell anpther family member outside of the household, they tried to help but couldnt.So, after school today she went to my other best friend house and called the police to report what had been happening.They told her since her aunt has legal guardian ship she must go back home if thats what she(the aunt) wants.She(best friend) talk to the deputy and cps worker and they sent her back home.IM FEARING FOR HER LIFE!!!!!!!! Earlier as in this morning her aunt busted her little brother's head open and he had to have stitches.She(best friend) told the police and they said if her brother denied it she'd have to go back home.The aunt talked him and her other brother out of it.So, she back home but not safe or sound.She wants to seek emanicipation or living in a shelter temporary because my mother and I are moving in June and we really want to custody for her to stay with us.What should I do besides continually praying?I mean legally?

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    Default Friend Abused by Guardian

    How old is your friend?

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