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    Default Approaching Plaintiff’s Attorneys As an Expert Witness

    With the economy in the toilet, I am simply looking for work.

    I have an unusual technical background and qualifications that are related to some emerging lawsuits. I’ve found some specific lawsuits (and attorneys) online.

    If I were an engineer with experience something like automotive accelerator systems:
    1. Are there national directories of Expert Witness resumes (like Monster) that attorneys use to find experts?
    2. Is it appropriate to contact some plaintiff’s attorneys, and offer my services?
    3. Any recommendations for contacting these attorneys? Just find their number and send them a call?
    4. Is it unusual for "experts" to contact Plaintiff’s attorneys and offer their services?

    Any related advice would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Approaching Plaintiff’s Attorneys As an Expert Witness

    1. Yes - there are a bunch, online and off. They either work based upon a fee for inclusion or by taking a percentage of your fee (e.g., TASA).

    2. It's not unusual for experts to send attorneys a C.V., but it's often a waste of money - they would have to either need your services when they get the letter, or remember you if and when they need services in your field.

    3. Your area of expertise being what? Have you ever testified at deposition? In a trial?

    4. That typically happens by mail, as previously described.

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    Default Re: Approaching Plaintiff’s Attorneys As an Expert Witness

    In addition to having the credentials, your personality and related things is also important. Have you experience testifying? Do you have experience with cross examination? Can you control your emotions even when your buttons are pushed? Do you sound credible? Is the jury going to like you?

    There is more to being an expert witness then knowing your field.

    And you have to sell yourself. This is a competitive field.

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