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    Default Incorrect Model Information on My Title

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Illinois

    Hello everyone,

    My question is probably simple but I cant find the answer so here it goes

    I purchased a truck today and late tonight I looked at the title again and everything is fine except the model info is wrong

    The truck is a 2003 dodge ram 1500
    But it has it down as a Stratus under model
    But it also has it on the title that its a truck.
    So instead of under model it saying 1500 it sais Stratus

    Vin matches vehicle etc,
    Im assuming when I title and plate the vehicle that this will be a easy fix?
    Any help is appreciated

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    Default Re: Incorrect Model Information on My Title

    As long as it's the vehicle you intended to purchase and the VIN is correct on the title, registering the vehicle shouldn't be an issue. In terms of correcting the title, yours is not one of the standard reasons; but I expect the process would be similar. I don't see any information online, so ask at the DMV.

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