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    Default Received Summons in Oregon from Credit card company

    I received a summons from a lawyer representing CitiBank for a debt I have from college. I understand I need to respond with a "motion" or "answer" within 30 days. Can I do this myself or do I need a lawyer to write it for me? If so, where can I find a good example of how to write it in proper form?

    Second, this was years and years ago when I ws a freshman in college, now I'm 26. How can I find out if the Statute of Limitations has passed? Is it from the date I stopped making payments? Or when the account was closed?

    And lastly, the amount they are demanding is $1,900 + legal and court fees, is it possible for me to contact them before the summons date and make a settlement now for the full amount and avoid having to go to court and pay even more later? Thank you

    Oh and this is all in Oregon.

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    Default Answering a Complaint

    You may be able to get a copy of a similar case file from the court where the collection action was filed, to see how other people answer complaints.

    It appears that your debt is governed by a six year statute of limitations. Normally that would run from the later of the last charge you made, the last payment you made, or the due date of the bill following your last charge.

    As statutes of limitations can be tricky to apply and can have exceptions, if you wish to be sure how the limitations period applies you should verify the statute's application to your case with a local legal professional.

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    thanks for your reply.

    okay so maybe the SOL is not an option, in your opinion, would a credit card company be interested in settling before going to court to avoid additional legal costs?

    I can't afford a lawyer to seek free help so that's why I'm here. Can I get a free lawyer from the State? If not, should I call the lawyer representing Citibank to see if we can settle now? Or should I call someone from Citibank?

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    Default Credit Card Debt

    Sometimes a credit card company or a collection agency will settle. But they aren't under any obligation to settle for less than the full amount.

    You can check here to find out about options for affordable legal help in Oregon.

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