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    Default Just Found Out I Have a Baby in Another State - Any Chance for Visitation in My State

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Tennessee

    I moved to WI 02/09. Was informed yesterday that I am being summoned to court in TN to establish paternity for a baby I didnt know I had. The mother made no attempt to inform me that she was pregnant or had a child, I have the same email address, I forwarded my mail the day I moved, I am listed in the phone book since 02/09.

    I have no problem paying the support, but I actually want to be part of this childs life. I am not moving back to TN. What chances do I have, now that I live 750 miles away? Will that decision be soley up to the judge? I am seeking a lawyer, would it be best to get a lawyer in the county the baby resides or here where I live?

    Thank you for your help-


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    Default Re: Just Found Out I Have a Baby in Another State- Any Chance for Visitation in My St

    You'll want an attorney in the state where the baby lives. If the baby is yours, you can expect to be given some level of court ordered visitation (unless there are some circumstances, like a criminal record, drug arrests, or other issues that would make the court feel otherwise).

    Depending on how old the child is, initially, you'll probably be required to visit the baby in-state, often under supervised visitation. Don't let that freak you out - it's often just a formality to help get the child introduced to you, make sure that you're ok with dealing with an infant, etc. It's just not realistic to expect that a child would simply be handed over to a total stranger and whisked to another state. You should graduate from that process rather quickly, at which point you should be cleared to have unsupervised visitation in your own state; although honestly you will probably end up bearing more than half of the financial burden for visits.

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