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    Default Other Than Honorable Discharge on a License Application

    I have an OTH (Other Than Honorable) discharge for an awol case from some years ago. I was chaptered out instead of having a court martial. From what the army told me anything disciplinary that had to do with my case was erased since it was taken care of from the administration.

    was picked up in Orlando Florida, and a search of the orange county clerk of court shows no arrest at all and neither does a search of my SSN in the Florida Department of Law enforcement website.

    Since then i have turned my life around and actually been working as a loss prevention investigator with big box retailers and have gotten to be very good at it. I am looking into obtaining a private investigators license and was wondering if this would cause me to not be accepted for a license.

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    Default Re: Other Than Honorable Discharge

    The governing statute does not make the OTH discharge a disqualifying factor, but it may nonetheless be considered in relation to the evaluation of your "moral character". I doubt that it will be disqualifying.

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