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    Default Unpaid for Pre-Employment Training and Post-Employment Mandated Activities

    I worked for a company around 7 months. Prior to employment I was required to do 40+ hours of unpaid training online. These were mandatory classes before that had to be completed before I started working for them. While working there I was not paid thousands of dollars in commission and was not allowed to see their commission print outs due to company policy. Also while working at the company myself and all employees were required to be on weekly conference calls lasting about a hour a week or we were written up. The time on these calls were unpaid and upon asking for compensation for these calls one employee was told if she did not like it then she could find another place to work. I am now waiting on my final check for commission for the month of January. The company owner told me that my commission was paid on the check I recieved in February. Upon futher investigation and email was sent to my old manager stating that in the employee handbook it states that if I did not complete 12 months with the company that I would have to repay training expenses which totaled more than $500 and then asked how I wish to proceed which I take as a threat. I do not remember signing such papers that stated that and the only training I attented while working there was a 2 day mandatory training out of town in which they paid for a 2 night stay at a hotel and reimbursed me for meals. Where do I stand in all of this?? I know all three employees at my location were effected by this and of at least 2 at the other locations. They have 10+ stores with at least 2 or 3 employees each. I know that most if not all have been effected by this.
    What are my options legally at this point?? Any advice would be much appreciated!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Unpaid for Pre-Employment Training and Post-Employment Mandated Activities

    I responded to this in the other forum in which you posted. You'll find a lot the the same responders in multiple forums; we're a pretty insular community.

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