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    Default Misuse of child support funds

    I pay 1100.00 per month is child support for my 2 sons. My x filed domestic violence charges againt (me 1 month before i divorce custdoy trial) for spanking my son. I gave him 2 licks with my hand one hit his lower back the other his behind. They left a redmark and i was arrested. Well anyway just saying that to say why he has my sons. Well i pay 1100.00 p/m c/s even though my x makes almost 200,000 per year, lives in a 6000 square foot house (compared to my 2 thousand s/f house) he takes several vacations per years, buys tons of stuff. I mean the tooth fairy at his house leaves 40 dollor for 1 tooth. Well i am saying this to say he says he does not have money to buy my sons jeans. And i found out via depositions (for my custody modification case I filed) he has hired 3 private investigators since October to follow me around. I know this has to be expensive. I can hardly pay my bills right now while he is living it up. I buy all the boys clothes school supplies hair cuts shoes toys and such for my house because he refuses to send anything to my house. What i want to know is there anyway to charge him with "MISSUSE OF CHILDSUPORT FUNDS" I feel like all my c/s is going for the Priviate investigators and his vacations. He does not work his parents own a grocery store and they pay his as if he works. Does this make since. Please advise

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    Default Re: Misuse of child support funds

    You don't get to define how the other parent spends child support money.

    If the children's material needs are not being properly taken care of by the custodial parent, talk to your lawyer about petitioning for modification of custody.

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