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    Default Arrested, No Action Taken

    Hope you can help me with this issue.I was driving,got arrested on Aug 2005 due to refusal for breath analysis test .They took me to hospital drawn blood and kept in jail for 12hrs.But they couldnt prove from my blood that I was over legal alcoholic limit.I got a ticket for refusal for chemical test.The hearing for refusal to chemical test,officer didnt show up , case dismissed and no action taken.There are no other records or anything on court.Only the record I hope will be on driving assessment and appeal division.My driving license suspended becuase of refusal.

    I did travel couple times out of country after this incident ,never nobody questioned about it.Also did finger print for job and nothing found either.Is this is a driving violation?Do I have to mention this on citizenship form?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    You were arrested. You are asked about arrests on the N-400 form. The rest should be obvious.

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