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    Default Getting a Protection Order Dropped

    an order of protection was filed against me in maine by my mom. i am going to try to have the order dropped before the hearing, if my state appointed lawyer is issued in time and can help me with those types of negotiations. i do not intend on living there again, or going back there to visit unless i am welcome, but i would like to be able to have contact with her in the immediate future, since i could use some financial support in general and for health reasons. but if that is not to be, i really need to find a loophole, that will allow me direct access to my belongings at her residence. it simply won't work to have someone go through my stuff looking for specific items, or to box it all up. i will not have my things disturbed from the way they are set up right now, and will wait it out if i have to and pray nothing bad happens to it. is there anything i can do after the hearing if the order doesn't get dropped? supervised visit to the residence to retrieve some of my things and check up on it? anything?

    there is no evidence, but some incidents of abuse were detailed in the report that i will admit to if asked, so at this point i do not expect that the protection order will get dropped. i just want to make the best attempt i can while i have the chance.

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    Default Re: Getting a Protection Order Dropped

    Talk to a lawyer about scheduling a time to recover your property, under whatever supervision your mother is comfortable with.

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