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    Default Re: Taxes on a Vehicle Bought Overseas

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    It's pretty easy to get 10% off MSRP at any dealer in the U.S. right now, even on luxury brands.
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    I was thinking the same thing... You can get better then 6K off a BMW at the moment by just haggling at the dealer.
    That is a very good point and I have thought about that. I have been checking online for how much the 535i goes for. I can only look at the figures for the current year 535i and the body style has been redesigned for 2011. With that in mind i concentrated more on the sales in 2009 because the sale prices have been steadily declining since the report of the 2011 being a new body style. Now it is easy to get even 10K off. I found that there was still a 2-3K difference in price so I would still come out ahead.

    I believe this new model year is going to sell well and the 2010's would be all but gone by the time I get back to the states. I am not too certain how much I would be able to haggle. That is of course just an opition and maybe the sales on the model will not be that great and haggling would be easy.

    Also if I go to the dealer then I have to deal with the dealer which could be fun but is often a regretable experience. The other thing is I can get the car exactly as I want from top to bottom. At the dealer I will either have to go without things I want or pay extra for things that I do not want. I guess only time will tell which was a better idea.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Default Re: Taxes on a Vehicle Bought Overseas

    I purchased a brand new BMW automobile and picked it up at the factory in Munich. You have absolutely zero to worry about as far as it meeting U.S. specifications.

    Even if BMW would sell you a vehicle that doesn't meet U.S. specifications (which they won't), the U.S. military wouldn't participate in any program where that could happen. If you doubt that, send an email to BMW and ask them. (Their email address is

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    Default Re: Taxes on a Vehicle Bought Overseas

    In trying to price the US purchase, ignore the MSRP, which is an imaginary number. Instead, get the Consumer Reports new car report (costs a few dollars), which will tell you how much a dealer really pays for the car. Figure that the dealer needs to make a profit even on a spec sale -- CR gives advice on how much extra you need to offer IIRC. The percentage off MSRP is irrelevant; it's what you pay that's important. Emphasis on MSRP simply encourages the manufacturer to jack up the MSRP so the dealers can offer larger "discounts".

    Caveat: I'm over 60 and I've never bought a new car.


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