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    Default Arrest Records, Petty Theft Infractions

    This involves the state of California.

    I was given a ticket to appear in court by the police for "Petty theft - Misdemeanor" but I was not booked (no fingerprinting, no mugshot). I was wondering how likely this record could be found? Was I really arrested? It is my understanding that without being booked, there is only a possible record in my county as opposed to it being statewide.

    Moreover, I was recently urged by my public defender to plead guilty to the reduced charge of "infraction." He informed me that this would never show up in a background check, even for licensing. Can anyone confirm this? I am aware that such an infraction is not considered criminal in my state though.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Arrest Records, Petty Theft Infractions

    I can't promise you what will or will not show up in a future background check. But an infraction is a non-criminal offense, and thus a background check focused on criminal convictions would not reveal it.

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