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    Default Electric Company Right of Way

    We recently purchased land in Crawford County PA. We will be building a modular home on property. On the new electric service application there is a section that grants right of way to the electric company. Our deed currently has no right of ways granted to anyone. We are leary of granting this to the electric company. We do not want poles run through our property. Do we have any legal recourse? Do we have to grant this without major legal battles?

    Our electric service will be run underground, we won't have any poles.

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    Default Re: Electric Company Right of Way

    Is there a defined description of the right of way? I would be hesitant as well. You could just ask them.

    My guess is that you have to grant a right of way for them to run power cables from the nearest transformer across your property to your house. The electric company is bound by the National electric Code for distances between telephone poles, therefore may need to install a pole to gap the distance.

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    Default Re: Electric Company Right of Way

    It is very important that you read the document. If they won't change any of the language add a clause at the bottom stating that you are granting an underground easement for service to the home only. They may not like it but thats what its for.

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