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    Default Unemployment Benefits if I Quit My Job for Medical Reasons

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: alabama
    i am working as a customer service rep for west corp basically on the ph i was working 40 hours 10 hours shift with 1 hour lunch and 15 min break , now i am working 30-35 hours 3 days 5 hour shifts and 2 days 10 hours sitting down. well for the last 2 months i am having chronic stress related headaches my lower back and neck are in pain i was on medical leave for 3 weeks to get some rest my doctor says its because of too much stress , i am taking 3 medications also went for therapy work for while . now i am back to work after 3 days of work i am getting same headaches and my back is in pain i think i cannot work this kind of job any more dont know what is best option quitting or getting fired bottom line is i do want to be abel to get unemployment benefits during job search can i quit my job on medical reason and get benefits

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    Default Re: Unemployment Benefits if Quit Job for Medical Reason

    That's a very big maybe, leaning far in the direction of No.

    In most if not all states, in order to collect unemployment benefits, you have to be able to work, actively looking for work, and available to accept work if offered. Turning down available work is a really good way to be disqualified for benefits, and quitting a job in most cases is considered turning down available work.

    I supposed you could try to argue that you are able to work, just not at that job. The problem is there's no guarantee that the UI commission will accept that argument, and the only way to get them to consider it would be to quit the job and file the claim. They will not give you a definite answer ahead of time.

    If they don't accept that argument, then you're stuck with no job and no unemployment. IMO it's not worth the risk.

    FYI the hours you are working are not arduous; they are no worse than many employees are working and better than quite a few. "Stress" is rarely an acceptable reason to quit and receive benefits as all jobs come with stress.

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