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    Default Car Accident Claim Problems With Geico Insurance

    Car Accident Case Geico Insurance?
    I hope someone can help me with this situation. So what happened was that about couple weeks ago, I was trying to purchase a nissan car down in New Jersey. I drove into the parking lot of the nissan in Flemington, NJ. I was trying to park my car by turning a slight left. There were cars on the right and left of the spot I was tring to park. So a girl sat on the right car suddently open up her drive side door ( the car is a hatchback which if I could recalled has tinted window.) I braked my car, but that was too late. My front passenger headlight is crashed into the door ( the region on the her door is neither inside nor outsite. It was like edged). I got off the car and asked if any one is ok. And then, I backed up my car because the girl needed to walk out of the car. I was silly enough to not take the photo immediately. I took some photos afterward such as my car's passenger head light, the girl's car's door, and the position of both cars in various view. So we called town police and the insurance company. It turns out that our insurance company is both geico. I talked to the agent regarding to the accident. I answered many questions to the agent and the police. Before the police left, he told he me " it was her fault. So basically what happened is that the girl opened up her door into my parking spot suddently, I didn't have enough time to respond." So the police left without giving any of us troubles. The insurance agent talked to both the girl and me and told me that she was closing my claim number because that was her fault and it is her responsbility for the accident. Her policy had to cover my repair expense. The agent gave me the girl's claim number. I left the scene with relief. But, one week after, another Geico insurance agent called me and told me they have open my claim number again for furthur investigation. I told them same thing I told the police and agent during the day of accident. Couple days later, the new geico insurance said the damage occured to the inner part of the door and it was both of our ( the girl and me ) fault and said I could have 2-3 second to brake my car. So my policy have to pay 50% of the repair fee. My car is a old 98 crv and the damage is minimal but the girl's car is brand new and the whole door would have to be replaced I think. I would wait ultil Monday to ask the agent what cause them to think I could have 2-3 second to brake my car and how is the damage occured to the girls's car's inner door. Until now, I hope some one can give me some suggestions. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Here's why its your fault.

    Your headlight was damaged. That means - you drove into her open door.

    Had the damage been to your driver side door panel - then you can make the argument that she opened the door into your car. That's because your headlight, fender passed her door and then she hit your side. As it is, the front of your car (headlight) hit the edge of her door.

    You have a responsibility to be on the lookout for doors opening in a parking lot. When you are pulling into a parking space and there is a person sitting in a car in an adjacent space, you need to be on the lookout for that person opening the door.
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    But the damage was occured when she opened up her door a little bit( not fully open. maybe 20 percents). If someone is going to get off their car, they most likely opened up their door continuously in this case very fast. Also, She uses her hand and I used my brake pedal.Who have more time2 respond
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    basically any accident in a parking lot will b termed equal fault....but if u have a police report that says it was her fault then u can fight it.......

    but basically to fight it u most likely would have to hire a might b cheaper to just pay for it....
    9 hours ago
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    This is VERY typical when both drivers have the same insurance company. If you and the other would have had different insurance companies, I'm guessing that they would have determined the other person to be 100% at fault because there is a law that says you may not open your door into traffic. She did open her door into traffic and in my humble opinion, it is her fault. Geico is trying to save the other driver from a claim and as I have said, this is common. As it is, there is little you can do except to appeal the liability determination, citing the police report and the law about opening ones door i

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    Default Re: Car Accident Claim Problems With Geico Insurance

    If you don't like the settlement offer, you're free to sue the girl who opened the door into your space.

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