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    Default Rear Ended - How Do I Get Money for the Damage to My Car

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Florida

    I was stopped at a red light and someone slammed into the back of my car. I'm not sure how she didn't see me, but she apologized and said she must not have been paying attention. A police officer pulled up less than 2 mins after the accident and collected all of our info to write up a statement. He gave us each a copy and actually wrote the woman a citation. My question is: Where do I go from here?

    I've never been in an accident before, so this is all new to me. The woman was driving an SUV which suffered minor damages, while my poor little car is pretty messed up in the back. The first thing I did was called and filed a claim with her company. The person in charge of my claim called me back...I missed the call...tried calling them back...left a message...and haven't heard from them again. I am the true definition of a struggling college student; I can't even afford my deductible to go through my own insurance company. I keep seeing commercials for "Ask Gary" and all of these personal attorneys and am wondering if I should contact one. I just want my car fixed and I'm trying my best not to stress myself out about this. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! =]

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    Default Re: Rear Ended - How Do I Get Money for the Damage to My Car

    Keep pestering the insurance company. This may take a while, but do it.

    It they continue to avoid you, consult with an attorney. I'd be leery of the guys who advertise on TV and such - there's a reason they call those "ambulance chasers" - but check for recommendations from family, friends, colleagues...and your insurance agent.

    Insurance companies do tend to move a little quicker once an attorney is involved.
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    Default Re: Rear Ended - How Do I Get Money for the Damage to My Car

    I went through this very same thing.

    Let me begin by stating that the insurance company is not responsible for anything beyond the current value of the vehicle (blue book). Sometimes this can really screw someone over if they have a loan on the car which exceeds the value of it. You could wind up owing money for the car you no longer have.

    So now lets get EVERYTHING fixed! Before you call anyone or do anything else, go to the hospital and get your neck and back x-rayed for possible injury you're not even aware of. Yes, it's possible you could have a broken neck and not even know it. The hospital will send you a bill for the visit, don't worry about that, you're well covered. While the insurance company will only pay up to the blue book value of the car, they are liable for up to 3 times the TOTAL value of your medical expenses.

    GOTO the hospital, tell them you were in an auto accident and felt you should get that stiffness checked out. Let a couple days pass, then call the attorney (ambulance chaser) of your choice. Yes, they will take a huge chunk of your settlement, but you will get the remainder which will more than cover your NEW car you'll soon be shopping for.

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    Default Re: Rear Ended - How Do I Get Money for the Damage to My Car

    Even though you aren't going through your insurance company (and you shouldn't, since it was clearly the other driver's fault), I'd call your insurance company rep for help. They can really help expedite things.

    I had someone rear-end me two months ago -- also an SUV; she suffered a slightly dented bumper, my car's rear door was toast. Even though I only have compulsory, I called my own company, the rep contacted the other driver's insurance company (with me on the line) to help me file the claim. I took my car to the other insurance companies adjuster and had my check for the repairs (new rear door and paint job, about $1200 bucks) a week later.

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