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    Default Recording Conversations and Meetings in Nevada

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Nevada.

    I have reviewed NRS 200.650, and it seems to indicate that as long as I am directly engaged in a conversation or meeting (not involving a phone call or wiretap) I may record it without the consent of the other person(s).

    I was involved in several meetings with my employer in our office, several which I recorded without his knowledge. During these conversations, he directed me to perform several illegal activities with respect to doctoring pay statements and creating ficticious documents.

    Of course, now he can't remember ever making these statements!

    Are my recordings legal since I was present and engaged in these conversations

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    Default no...

    Nevada is one of twelve "two party" states which require consent of both parties to a conversation.

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    Default Re: Recording Conversations/Meetings in Nevada

    As said, NO. It is illegal to make that recording. There are criminal and possibly civil penalties. It is NOT admissible in any civil case.

    Although there are other ways to use a recording, that would do you no good as it was a private meeting and it will be obvious who made the recording, and you'd be subject to the above.

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