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    Unhappy Unfair Gym Debt Sent to Collections

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California

    On March 3,2010 I received a collection notice stating that I owe $1,516.20 to a former gym I attended. The contract stated that I would be billed monthly and membership would not be canceled without (1) a sent written termination notice by the 5th of the prior month or (2) returning my membership card. By my mistake, I did neither and haven't gone back to the gym since Mid 2006.

    I did receive a notice of intended legal action from the gym in October of 2006 (which was LONG after not attending that gym) stating that I owe $70.00 for the 2 previous months and that I've been referred to a collection department and that a suit against me would be filed if not paid in full, which I failed to submit.

    It wasn't until March of 2010, that I received a notice from the actual collection agency, with this HUGE amount of $1,516.20 (approx 3 years later).

    I understand I may owe a portion of the amount, but shouldn't I have been notified continuously with the amounts increasing? I haven't received notification of the debt since the last statement. I'm VERY stressed out about this HUGE amount. Can anyone please help me with my situation?

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    Default Re: I Feel Like My $1,516.20 Gym Debt Sent to Collections is Unfair, What Can I Do

    Every state has consumer protection laws regulating gym memberships. You need to first research that.

    I have never figured out how you can be held to a contract for a service that they are not providing. Do they save space for you? Lay out your towel when you are not there? The entire idea is absurd.

    Now perhaps you got a discounted monthly rate due to signing the contract. I would think that they are only entitled to the difference and maybe one month.

    You can certainly research this.

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    Default Re: Unfair Gym Debt Sent to Collections

    Why didn't you ever cancel your gym membership, even when you knew they were intending to charge you for your continuing unpaid monthly fees?

    Personally, I would try to string it out to the fourth anniversary of my first non-payment, and hope that their claim expires under the statute of limitations.

    That would mean not entering into any promise or agreement to pay anything on the debt, and not making any payments.

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