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    Default Damages Fees and Civil Demand After Shoplifting

    i stupidly decided to shoplift at a sears back in october. being pretty dumb, i was immediately caught. no cops were called, i paid damages fees, and i also paid a civil demand in the mail. i felt horribly guilty for months about what i had done...

    then i got a letter in the mail from sears' lawyers saying they'd forget the civil demand. i have not gotten back the money in the two months since they sent the letter, so i have no idea what to think.

    i also felt extremely paranoid about being in USIS's national theft database. i requested any information on myself, and they said there was none in the database that matched my ID. am i truly in the clear, data wise? mind im still ashamed of myself beyond belief.

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    Default Re: Following Up on Shoplifting at Sears (Nj)

    What are "damage fees", as distinguished from the civil demand?

    If there was never any involvement by the courts or police, then you should be "in the clear" in relation to immigration.

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    Default Re: Following Up on Shoplifting at Sears (Nj)

    Read the letter more closely... Does it actually say something to the effect that they are acknowledgng that you paid the demand and that they are therefore taking no further action?

    Eitehr way, don't expect any money back from them.

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