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    Default Unfair Medical Debt


    This is a fairly long story but i will try to keep it breif...

    I was 17 and working for a Subcontractor (Bob) of a moving company. While on the job, I injured my hand and had to be rushed to the ER. On the way, Bob assured me that it would be covered by workman's comp...

    After I had stitches and x-rays, i got back to the work site (bob never came and got me.. left me at the hospitol for 4 hours afterwards)

    I came back and he was pissed because my injury had caused him to lose time! He puts his finger in my face and is yelling and cussing and then I slap his finger out of my face so he slaps me and we get into a fist fight... (yes, with a injured hand.. very smart lol :roll: )

    After the fight he tells me to leave and I do.. I am 4 hours from home and I find the police department and at the time I just want to get home and forget about everything...

    I get home and a few months later a bill for 1800 dollars or so.... It was not covered by workman's comp and he had no insurance... they said he didnt have enough people working for him but he had 4 at the time except 1 wasnt with him... Also, he doesnt report who works for him he lies and gives false SS#'s and whatnot.. He is a low life, dirty, under-handed person and he told the collection agency that my hand got hurt from punching a wall.. someone would have to be super stupid to do that... This is unfair! Is there anything I can do? I was 17 when it happened... can I scare bob into paying it or anything? I am trying to go to school and get my career underway and I dont have the means to pay for this. I need some advice please.


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    Your rights depend upon (a) when this occurred, and (b) the state you are in. Worker's compensation laws vary by state.

    The emergency room report will almost always reflect what you said about how the injury occurred when you were at the ER. That can help you a lot if Bob is claiming the injury occurred in a different way, particularly if he was present when you made the statements at the ER.

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    he was present! And it happened last august and I am from Georgia.. i really need some help on this.

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