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    Default What is a Secret Indictment

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Mississippi and Alabama. Secret Indictment. What does this mean? Can the law watch you commit a crime - video example - or witness reports and charge you with it without being arrested at the time?? Saw a post that said it involved a person wearing a wire,?? You get arrested one or two years later for something that you may have done previously? Can anyone clarify this for me? I have NEVER heard of such. I am new to this so I apologize if I did anything wrong. Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: What is a Secret Indictment

    Sometimes an indictment is issued under seal, for example, when disclosure of the indictment could jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation.

    A possible motivation may be that the statute of limitations is about to run on some of the charges. The indictment can be handed down within the statute of limitations, even if it is not immediately made known to the subject of the indictment.

    It also may be that the subject of the indictment is cooperating with the authorities, and they do not want other suspects to know he has been charged.

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