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    Default Is It Ok for 1/2 Brother and Sister Share a Room

    my 11 yr. old daughter has to share a room with her 10 yr. old half brother when visiting w/dad. is this okay? my daughter is at the age where she is developing and i have a problem with this.
    we live in tennessee.

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    Default Re: Is It Ok for 1/2 Brother and Sister Share a Room

    Yes, it's OK as long as the kids are comfortable with it.

    It's not illegal, if that's what you're asking. Children sharing rooms - same gender or no - really is quite common.

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    Default Re: Is It Ok for 1/2 Brother and Sister Share a Room

    Even if they had separate rooms, she'd still be developing, and everyone would know it. Presumeably she can change clothes in privacy in the bathroom, and unless she's wearing something that's not age appropriate to sleep in, courts won't have an issue just because they sleep in the same room (same bed would be a different matter).

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