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    Default False Accusation of Theft

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Oklahoma

    I have an odd question, and I'm not quite sure if this is the right forum to post this on. Anyways, I was an assistant manager at a movie theater and my brother worked there with me as well. Anyways, the general manager stole money... So I got fired for it as well (even though they didn't have any proof) anyways, that's not what I'm worried about. What I'm curious is, every time me or my brother attempt to go to the movies, we get treated unfairly.

    Anyways, I went to the movies with movie passes that I purchased off their website, and when I went to the movies, they tore up my passes, and said I stole them, and requested I leave (without ANY proof what so ever). They insist that if I ever use any sort of movie passes I must also bring in proof of purchase (however no other customers are required to do this). They also informed all their other employees that if me, or any former employees come in, they are not allowed to have a conversation with us, or let us use any sort of tickets (unless we pay cash), or they would be fired.

    I just wasn't sure if this was legal for a business to do??

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    Default Re: False Accusation of Theft

    Sure they are... why wouldn't they be allowed to ask a person fired for theft to provide proof of purchase?

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    Default Re: False Accusation of Theft

    Well.. They never said I was fired for "theft".. I never stole anything, it was the general manager who stole, I'm the one who called up the district manager and told him that money was missing and that she was the one who signed off on it. But I got fired anyways...

    I come in with movie tickets (which were never stolen AND have a cash value AND can easily be bought off their website, or many places around town) and they claim they are stolen and they tear them up, or prevent me from using them cause they claim they have to be stolen cause I was a former employee...

    And is it not illegal for them to tell their employees that they will get fired for having a conversation with me?

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    Default Re: False Accusation of Theft

    They have the right to request proof of purchase (receipts....). And it's not illegal to tell their employees what they told 'em.
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    Default Re: False Accusation of Theft

    If you were fired from an establishment, does it make all that too much sense to continuing to frequent the place?

    Or do you have a lot of "purchased" passes to use up?
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