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    Default Violations of Privacy by a Lender

    Ok, this probably isnt the right topic to ask this but didnt find a better topic. This is about a privacy issue . My In-laws are getting info about our finances through a friend that works for a Lien-searching/title co.
    Should I contact a lawyer?? I now know that the info didnt come from my mortgage co. I talked to them today. If she ran a credit check without our permission that is illegal isnt it. If I contact a lawyer is there any way to stop this and possibly cause the person that is supplying the info to loose thier job or get into some kind of legal trouble as this isnt the first time she has done this? I guess my real question is what are my options?? Is it worth contacting a lawyer?? What kind of trouble can this person get into?? She has the wrong kind of job because she is the biggest gossip in town and nobodys private buisness is private. Is it possible to sue her or the company she works for. I really want her to learn a lesson or loose her job. She has done this several times now and I am sick of it. Please help any guidance would be greatly appreciated. We are not rich ppl and cannot afford a lawyer if it is not going to do any good. Is there anything I can do without hiring a lawyer. What are my rights??

    Thanks in Advance

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