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    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California. My girlfriend and I ate a restaurant in San Francisco on Valentines day. There were no street parking so we used valet. After we were done eating we went to retrieve her car. The valet came back, but did not park in the curb and decided to stop in the fourth lane on the busy street. He then opened the door and another car trying to go in the lane next to him hit my girlfriends door and knocked off his side mirror. The valet company then called thier attorney and owner to the scene. The man at fault stopped and admitted fault, and the valet company accepted responsibility for the damages and said "one way or another we are going to fix your car" we exchanged information with the valet company and the third party, we then left. My girlfriend then called the owner of the company the following day which was presidents day and said he would call her back by Friday because of the holiday. The following day My girlfriend notified her insurance company and told her story, they made an ivestigation and found that the valet company was at fault. Friday then came and no call was recieved so my girlfriend called the valet company and the owner picked up and was then passed on to the attorney which then told her that they were not responsible and we had to go after the other party. The other parties insurance company is now investigating the accident. What should we do if they find the valet company at fault? Who is responsible? Should we take the valet company to small claims court? The third parties insurance got an estimate on the car and it came out to $2000 dollars.

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    Does your girlfriend have coverage through her own insurance company? If so, the easiest thing to do is to get the damage covered that way, then let the insurance companies resolve the subrogation issues between themselves.

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    My girlfriend does have insurance...however they said they are unable to persue the valet company for the damages. Is that true? Or are they obligated to?

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