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    Default Is Sleeping Obstruction

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Iowa

    My minor daughter was asleep on the couch at a friend's house at around 5am, when the police broke down the door. They were there to arrest my daughter's friend's brother who had been fighting with his girlfriend earlier. Since my daughter did not wake up and open the door when the police yelled, they are charging my daughter with obstruction of police acts. The police claimed they yelled several times, she is a very hard sleeper. Both my daughter's friend and her brother were in the house and awake at the time. Is this legal?

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    Default Re: Is Sleeping Obstruction

    is it legal?


    If the DA believes there is enough evidence to charge her, they can charge her. If your version is true, it seems like a silly charge. I suspect the officers version of the facts supports the charge in some way.

    what was the kid wanted for that they would break down a door? That's some pretty serious entry.

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