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    Exclamation How Can I Stop My Future Brother from Being Deported

    hello i really need some answers!!!!! to start with my sisters fiance has recently been arrested for the first time for drivin with no liscense and also improper lane change. this is the first time he has been in trouble and ever been arrested. we have paid his whole bond amount but he has an immigration hold on him and they cant tell me weather he will be deported or not and im so confused him and my sister have been together 5 years and engaged for 2, he goes to school and actually has 3 months before he graduates and he also works and has a bank account so thats why im so confused. is there any way possible for he not to be deported back to mexico i mean he has a life here and its so great he is a wonderful person never been in trouble and will do anything for anyone i kno the state dont care about that but they should consider it. if anyone has any answers please im begging you to let me know soon!!!!

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    Default Re: How Can I Stop My Future Brother from Being Deported

    He has an immigration hold because of what? Did he enter legally? Did he overstay his visa?

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    Exclamation Re: How Can I Stop My Future Brother from Being Deported

    im not sure all i know is the immigration said that he has a 5,000 dollar bond and then he is ok to go home until i certain time i assume so is it really possible that he can get out?

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    Default Re: How Can I Stop My Future Brother from Being Deported

    Without knowing the reason why he has an immigration hold, there's nothing else we can do to help.

    He needs an attorney. Get him one.

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    Default Re: How Can I Stop My Future Brother from Being Deported

    I know what you mean... If he does get deported tell him not to sign anything and ask for a hearing. He has pretty good chances of being a permission to stay here and even better if he gets married with a citizen. Get him a lawyer. And please keep me informed with what happens to because I would like to know what would have happed with I payed my husband's bail when he was in the same situation.

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